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Kings Point Coffee

Bunker C - Thai Dark Roast (1/2 lb.)



Journey to the lush terrains of Northern Thailand with our hand-roasted Thai coffee blend – a harmonious merger of age-old traditions and the rich tapestry of Thai coffee heritage.

Each bean starts its journey in the verdant highlands, where the mist-clad hills, fertile valleys, and a moderate climate weave their magic. This land, blessed by nature and nurtured by passionate farmers, lends our beans a flavor profile that's uniquely Thai.

At Kings Point Coffee Company, we hand-roast these carefully chosen beans to accentuate their natural notes. The initial aroma is an enchanting blend of dark chocolate, coupled with subtle hints of tropical fruits like lychee and passionfruit. As you take your first sip, the flavors evolve, introducing your palate to a bouquet of spices, reminiscent of Thailand's rich culinary legacy. The body is smooth, with a gentle acidity that provides a clean finish, echoing the pristine nature of Thailand's highlands.

But there’s more to our Thai coffee blend than just its taste. It embodies the spirit of Thai culture - the reverence for nature, the love for harmony, and the pursuit of perfection. It’s a bridge between the ancient coffee-growing traditions of Thailand and the contemporary artisanal practices that KP Coffee Co. holds dear.

Immerse yourself in an authentic Thai coffee experience, where each sip transports you to serene Thai landscapes, awakens your senses, and envelops you in its warm embrace. Your voyage into the heart of Thailand's coffee country begins here.



Flavor: B lend of Dark Chocolate, with underlying notes of Tropical Fruits such as Lychee and Passionfruit, rounded off by subtle hints of Indigenous Spices.

Body: Smooth, with a gentle acidity that provides a clean finish

Process: Natural

Moisture: 11.40%

Geography: Northern Thailand

Altitude: 1300

Net Weight: 8 oz. (1/2lb.)

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